Configuring Approved and Blocked Sender Lists

Configure the Approved Senders and Blocked Senders lists to control which email messages Hosted Email Security scans. Specify the senders to allow or block using specific email addresses or entire domains.

For example, * specifies all senders from the domain.

Evaluation is done in the following order:

  1. End User Quarantine console blocked sender list

  2. Administrator console blocked sender list

  3. End User Quarantine console approved sender list

  4. Administrator console approved sender list

See Sender Filter Order of Evaluation.


IP reputation-based filters use only IP address data to filter messages. You can also use sender email address and domain to filter incoming messages. Approved senders bypass IP reputation-based filtering at the MTA connection level.

See General Order of Evaluation.

Lists of approved or blocked senders are managed using the following screens:

  • Approved Senders

    Email messages from senders added to this list are not subject to IP reputation-based, spam, phishing, BEC attack, social engineering attack, Web reputation, or graymail message filtering. Hosted Email Security still performs malware and attachment scanning on all messages received and takes the action configured in policy rules after detecting a malware threat or an attachment policy violation.

    Go to Inbound Protection > Connection Filtering > Sender Filter > Approved Senders to display this screen.

  • Blocked Senders

    Hosted Email Security automatically blocks messages sent from addresses or domains added to the blocked list without submitting the messages to any scanning.

    Go to Inbound Protection > Connection Filtering > Sender Filter > Blocked Senders to display this screen.

The Approved Senders and Blocked Senders tables display the following information:

  • Sender: The email address or domain that you approved or blocked for the specified Recipient Domain

  • Recipient Domain: The managed domain for which you approved or blocked the specified sender

  • Date Added: The date that you added the sender to the list