Configuring "Scan Exceptions" Actions

To configure centralized scan exception settings, go to the following paths:

  • Inbound Protection > Scan Exceptions

  • Outbound Protection > Scan Exceptions

Scan exceptions under Inbound Protection apply to incoming messages, while scan exceptions under Outbound Protection apply to outgoing messages. The scan actions configured for each exception apply to all senders and recipients.

Specify actions for Hosted Email Security to take on email messages that meet the scan exception criteria.

  1. On the Scan Exceptions screen, click the action name for an exception in the Actions column.

    The Select Scan Exception Actions screen appears.

  2. Configure Intercept settings.
    Option Description

    Do not intercept messages

    Hosted Email Security does not take action on the message and processes the message using other rules if other rules apply.

    Delete entire message

    Hosted Email Security deletes the message, including its attachments.


    Hosted Email Security moves the message into quarantine.

  3. Configure Modify settings.
    1. Select the Tag subject action to insert configurable text into the message subject line.
    2. Type a tag in the Tag field, for example, Spam.
    3. Optionally select Do not tag digitally signed messages. to prevent tags from breaking digital signatures.
  4. Configure Monitor settings.
    1. Select the Send notification action.
    2. Click the message to people link.

      The Notifications screen appears.

    3. Select a notification message from the Available pane on the left side and click Add>.

      The Add, Edit, Copy and Delete buttons under Available are provided for managing notification messages. For details about managing notifications, see Managing Notifications.

    4. Click Save to save the notification setting.

    The Modify and Monitor settings are not mandatory.

  5. Click Save.

    If multiple scan exceptions are triggered for one email message, Hosted Email Security chooses the action with the highest priority from the configured "Intercept" actions, combines the action with the "Modify" and "Monitor" actions, and performs those actions together on the message.

    "Intercept" actions are listed as follows in descending order of priority:

    • Delete entire message

    • Quarantine

    • Do not intercept messages