Managing Stamps

You can use Stamps screen to manage stamps in Hosted Email Security.

For information on inserting and configuring stamps, see Inserting a Stamp.

Table 1. Stamps Screen



Adding a Stamp


Often a new stamp will be very similar to one you already have. In that case, it is usually easier to copy the stamp and edit it rather than create a new stamp from scratch.

Click Add.

  1. Provide the following information:

    • Name: A name for the stamp.

    • Insert at: Select whether you want to insert the stamp at the beginning or the at end of the message body.

    • Text: The stamp text. You can add also use variables in your text.

      See Rule Tokens/Variables.

  2. Click Save.

Copying Stamps

In the Stamps list, select the stamp to copy. Click Copy.

Editing Stamps

In the Stamps list, click the name of the stamp you want to edit and follow the instructions in Adding a Stamp procedure in this table.

Deleting Stamps

In the Stamps list, select the stamps to delete. Click Delete, and click OK to confirm.