Creating a Template

  1. Go to Outbound Protection > Policy Objects > DLP Compliance Templates.
  2. Click Add.

    A new screen displays.

  3. Type a template name that does not exceed 256 characters in length.
  4. Type a description that does not exceed 256 characters in length.
  5. Select data identifiers and then click the "add" icon.
  6. If you selected an expression, type the number of occurrences, which is the number of times an expression must occur before Data Loss Prevention subjects it to a policy.
  7. Choose a logical operator for each definition.

    Use logical operators carefully when configuring condition statements. Incorrect usage leads to an erroneous condition statement that will likely produce unexpected results. For examples of correct usage, see Condition Statements and Logical Operators.

  8. To remove a data identifier from the list of selected identifiers, click the trash bin icon.
  9. Click Save.