Importing a Keyword List

Use this option if you have a properly-formatted .xml file containing the keyword lists. You can generate the file by exporting the keyword lists from the Hosted Email Security administrator console.

  1. Go to Outbound Protection > Policy Objects > DLP Data Identifiers.
  2. Click the Keyword tab.
  3. Click Import and then locate the .xml file containing the keyword lists.
  4. Click Open.

    A message appears, informing you if the import was successful.


    Every customized keyword list is identified by its name field in the .xml file. This name is a unique internal name that does not display on the administrator console.

    If the file contains a customized keyword list that already exists, Hosted Email Security overwrites the existing keyword list. If the file contains any predefined keyword list, Hosted Email Security skips the predefined keyword list while importing the remaining customized keyword lists.