Creating a Keyword List

  1. Go to Outbound Protection > Policy Objects > DLP Data Identifiers.
  2. Click the Keyword tab.
  3. Click Add.

    A new screen displays.

  4. Type a keyword list name that does not exceed 256 characters in length.
  5. Type a description that does not exceed 256 characters in length.
  6. Choose one of the following criteria and configure additional settings for the chosen criteria:
    • Any keyword

    • All keywords

    • All keywords within <x> characters

    • Combined score for keywords exceeds threshold

  7. To manually add keywords to the list:
    1. Type a keyword that is 3 to 40 characters in length and specify whether it is case-sensitive.
    2. Click Add.
  8. To edit a keyword, click a keyword in the list, edit it in the Keyword text box, and then click Update.
  9. To delete keywords, select the keywords and click Delete.
  10. Click Save.