Managing Policy Rules

Hosted Email Security offers content-based filtering at the message level. Rules are the means by which messaging policies are applied to message traffic in Hosted Email Security. At any time, an administrator can see the rules that apply to their organization, and can make changes to the rules that comprise their policy, rename those rules, and create new rules. Each rule can be disabled if desired without losing its definition, and re-enabled at a later time.

Table 1. Policy Rule Tasks



Adding Policy Rules


Often a new rule will be very similar to one you already have. In that case, it is usually easier to copy the rule and edit it rather than create a new rule from scratch.

Click Add .

  1. Define the basic information about the rule (rule name, whether it is enabled or not, and notes about the rule).

    See Naming and Enabling a Rule.

  2. Select the address(es), domains(s) or group(s) that the rule applies to.

    See Specifying Recipients and Senders.

  3. Select and configure criteria.

    See About Rule Target Criteria.

  4. Select and configure actions.

    See About Rule Actions.

Copying Policy Rules

In the Rules list, select the rule to copy. Click Copy .

Editing Policy Rules

In the Rules list, click the name of the rule you want to edit and follow the selection procedures in Adding Policy Rules.

Deleting Policy Rules

In the Rules list, select the rule or rules to delete. Click Delete .

Reordering Policy Rules

Policy rules are sorted in the default order. For details on customizing the rule order, see Customizing the Rule Order.