Configuring Graymail Criteria

Graymail refers to solicited bulk email messages that are not spam. Hosted Email Security detects marketing messages and newsletters, social network notifications, and forum notifications as graymail messages.

The Spam, Phishing, Graymail, Web Reputation, or Social engineering attack criteria allow you to create rules that take actions on these types of potentially unwanted messages.


Hosted Email Security does not apply content-based heuristic spam, BEC, phishing, graymail, Web reputation, or social engineering attack rules to email messages received from email addresses and domains listed on the Approved Senders screen.

  1. Select Message detected as.
  2. Select "Graymail".
  3. Click Graymail.

    The Graymail Detection Setting screen appears.

  4. Select at least one graymail category from the following:
    • Marketing message and newsletter

    • Social network notification

    • Forum notification

  5. To omit the IP addresses of specific mail servers from this rule, select Enable the graymail exception list under Graymail Exception List.
  6. Specify IP addresses that you want to bypass graymail scanning.

    The rule will not apply to graymail messages from IP addresses in this exception list. The list is specific just to the rule being edited.

  7. Click Save.