Configuring Data Loss Prevention Criteria

Hosted Email Security evaluates email messages, including their content and attachments, against a set of rules defined in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies. Policies determine files or data that requires protection from unauthorized transmission and the action that Hosted Email Security performs after detecting a transmission.

Create DLP policies after you have configured data identifiers and organized them in templates. For details about the data identifiers and templates, see Data Loss Prevention (DLP).


DLP policies apply only to outgoing email messages.

  1. Select Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
  2. Select fields to scan, for example, Subject and Body. To add a customized message header field, select Other and specify the field in the text box.
  3. Select at least one compliance templates from the Available Templates list and click the right arrow button.

    A maximum of 255 compliance templates can be selected for each DLP policy.