Encrypting Outbound Messages

The purpose of this rule action is to protect sensitive data in email messages sent by users in your organization.


This action only applies to outbound rules.

Actions in this class encrypt the message and then queue it for delivery. This is a non-intercept action, but no other actions can be taken on the target message after this rule is triggered. This action has the lowest priority of all actions, but when triggered it is always the final rule run before the message is queued for delivery. If more than one rule in the rule set is triggered, the rule that uses the encrypt email action will always be triggered last.

In most cases, a rule to encrypt email messages will be based on one of the following:

  • Specific senders or recipients of the message (for example, a rule that encrypts all email sent from Human Resources or the Legal department)

  • Specific content in the message body

  • Sensitive data contained in the message

  1. From the "Intercept" section of the Action page, select Do not intercept messages
  2. From the "Modify" section of the page, select the Encrypt email action.