Configuring Policies

The Policy screen shows a list of the currently defined rules and their status. From this screen you can add a new rule and edit, copy, or delete existing rules.

The Policy screen under Inbound Protection and Outbound Protection are technical separate and can be managed independently.

The rules are displayed in a table, sorted by the order in which the rules are applied during scanning by Hosted Email Security. You can filter the information by using the drop-down lists at the top.
Table 1. Policy Terminology




Sequence of the rules.


Rule is enabled.

Rule is disabled.

Rule is locked.


If a new domain does not pass the domain owner verification, the default antispam and antivirus policy rules for the domain will be locked and cannot be changed.


Name of the rule.


Action taken if the rule's criteria are met.


Timestamp when the rule was last modified.

Last Used

Timestamp of when the rule was last used. If the rule has not yet been triggered, the value in this column will be "Never".

Rule Order Setting

Setting that determines whether to use the default or custom rule order.

Each column's heading can be clicked to sort the list by that column's contents. For example, to re-sort the list alphabetically by Action, click the Action column heading.