Service Requirements

Hosted Email Security does not require hardware on your premises. All scanning is performed in the cloud. To access your web-based Hosted Email Security administrator console, you need a computer with access to the Internet.

The following are required before Hosted Email Security can be activated:

  • An existing mail gateway or workgroup SMTP connection

    For example:

    • A local MTA or mail server

    • A cloud-based MTA solution

  • Access to domain MX records (DNS mail exchanger host records) for repointing MX records to the Hosted Email Security MTA

    (Contact your service provider, if necessary, for more information or configuration help.)

If you have trouble accessing the site, confirm that you are using the correct web address. For details, see Accessing the Hosted Email Security Administrator Console.

If you have trouble using the site or with the way the website displays, confirm that you are using a supported browser with JavaScript enabled.

Supported browsers include:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 to 11


    Internet Explorer 9 has known issues on the Quarantine Digest screen. See Known Issues.

  • Mozilla Firefox 6.0 or later