Using Self Help Password Reset

Users who have forgotten their passwords can use Self Help to authenticate without Help Desk assistance. Use the Number of Questions and the Personal Challenge policies to set the number of personal challenge questions and the questions that the user must answer, respectively. Self Help questions are answered during the initial user authentication and when users change their passwords.

For information about using Self Help, see Self Help.


Self Help requires that the Endpoint Encryption agent has network connectivity to PolicyServer.

  1. Expand Enterprise Policies or expand the group and then expand Policies.
  2. Go to Common > Authentication > Local Login > Self Help.
    Figure 1. Self Help Policy
  3. Open Number of Questions to set the required number of questions that users must answer.

    Do not set Number of Questions greater than six. Otherwise, users are unable to authenticate using Self Help.

  4. Right-click Personal Challenge and select Add to set a question that the user must answer. Repeat until all personal challenge questions are defined.

    The user will be prompted to set the personal challenge question answers the next time that the user logs on any Endpoint Encryption device.