Remote Help Assistance

Remote Help allows users to reset a forgotten password or locked account. Any Endpoint Encryption user who has a locked account or forgot the account password must reset the password before being able to log on to any Endpoint Encryption device. Remote Help requires that the user contact the Help Desk for a Challenge Response. Remote Help does not require network connectivity to PolicyServer.

  1. Log on to PolicyServer MMC using any account with Group Administrator permissions in the same policy group as the user.
  2. Ask the user to go to Help > Remote Help from the Endpoint Encryption agent.
  3. Ask the user for the Device ID.
    Figure 1. Remote Help Assistance
  4. In PolicyServer MMC, open Enterprise Devices or expand the user's group and open Devices.
  5. In the right pane, right-click the user's device and then select Soft Token.

    The Software Token window appears.

  6. Get the16-digit challenge code from the user, and type it into the Challenge field of the Software Token window.
  7. Click Get Response.

    The Response field loads with an 8-character string.

  8. Tell the user the 8-character string from the Response field.
  9. The user inputs the string in the Response field on the endpoint and clicks Login.
  10. The user must specify a new password.