Managing Password Setting Objects from Active Directory

Endpoint Encryption supports fine-grained password policies through Active Directory. If PolicyServer is in the Active Directory computer list, password policies in Active Directory supersede PolicyServer policy settings from both Control Manager and PolicyServer MMC.

The following procedure shows how to add PolicyServer to the Active Directory computer list.

  1. Open your Password Settings object (PSO) Security settings.
    1. Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers.
    2. In the View menu, verify that Advanced Features are enabled.
    3. Locate your domain node in Active Directory Users and Computers
    4. Go to System > Password Settings Container.
    5. Select the PSO Property that you intend to use for password policy management.
    6. Go to the Security tab.
  2. Add the PolicyServer endpoint to the Group or user names list.
    1. Under the Group or user names list, click Add....
    2. In the Object Types window, select Computers.
    3. Select the PolicyServer endpoint.
  3. Verify and confirm your changes.