Editing Policies with True/False or Yes/ No Responses

Some policies only have True/False or Yes/No options. For this example, Preboot Bypass is used.

A Group Administrator can define whether the Full Disk Encryption preboot appears before Windows starts. If the parent group allows Yes and No, then the subgroup Group Authenticators have the right to set the range to Yes and No, just Yes, or just No. If the parent group has set the range to either Yes or No, then the subgroup Group Administrator can only select that same range.

Figure 1. Policy with Yes/No Values
  1. Right-click the policy to be modified and then click Properties.
  2. Specify policy options.
    • The Policy Value field sets whether the policy is turned on.

    • The Range field sets whether the policy is available to other users or groups.

      Example: if the policy is set to No, then the policy will not be available to set to Yes.


    Removing an option from Policy Range removes the value from the Policy Value drop-down in the current group and all subgroups.

  3. Click OK to save changes.

    The policy change is activated once the Endpoint Encryption agent synchronizes with PolicyServer.