Agent Policies

The following table explains the policies affecting Wi-Fi configuration, Full Disk Encryption Recovery Console access, and agent uninstallation.


Encryption Management for Apple FileVault and Encryption Management for Microsoft BitLocker do not require authentication and are not affected by authentication policies. Client, login, password, and authentication policies, or allowing the user to uninstall the Endpoint Encryption agent software only affects the Full Disk Encryption and File Encryption agents.

Table 1. Full Disk Encryption Client Policy Descriptions

Policy Name


Value Range and Default

Allow User to Configure Wi-Fi

Specify whether users are allowed to configure Wi-Fi policies on the device.

Yes, No

Default: Yes

Allow User to Recover

Specify whether users are allowed to access system recovery utilities on the device.

Yes, No

Default: No

Allow User to Uninstall

Specify whether users are allowed to uninstall Full Disk Encryption.

Yes, No

Default: No

Wi-Fi Settings

Specify the Wi-Fi settings


Wi-Fi Settings > Network Name

Specify the name or SSID of the network.

1-255 characters

Wi-Fi Settings > Password

Specify the network password.


Ensure that the password meets the following length requirements:

  • WEP password length:

    5 to 10 characters, or 10 to 26 hexadecimal [0-9][a-f] characters

  • WPA PSK password length:

    8 to 63 characters, or 64 hexadecimal [0-9][a-f] characters

  • WPA Enterprise user name and password length:

    Less than 128 characters

1-255 characters

Wi-Fi Settings > Priority

Specify the priority of the network.


Default: 1

Wi-Fi Settings > Security Type

Specify the security type for network authentication.

No authentication, WEP, WEP Open, WEP Shared, WPA2 Enterprise, WPA2 Personal, WPA Enterprise, WPA Personal

Default: WEP Open

Wi-Fi Settings > User Name

Specify the user name if the network requires user-based authentication.

1-255 characters