Adding a Top Group

Groups simplify managing Endpoint Encryption agents, users, policies, subgroups, and devices. A Top Group is the highest-level group.


Enterprise administrators and authenticators may not be added to groups because their permissions supercede all groups. If you add an administrator or authenticator to a group, that account will be a group administrator or authenticator.

For more information, see Modifying a User.

  1. Right-click the Enterprise in the left pane, then click Add Top Group.

    The Add New Group screen appears.

  2. Specify the name and description for the group.
  3. If using Endpoint Encryption devices that do not support Unicode, select Support Legacy Devices.

    Some legacy devices may not be able to communicate with PolicyServer using Unicode. Assign Unicode and legacy Endpoint Encryption devices to different groups.

  4. Click Apply.
  5. At the confirmation message, click OK.

    The new group is added to the tree structure in the left pane.