Modifying Policies

The PolicyServer MMC has a common set of windows to modify policies. Different types of input are available depending on what the policy controls and which parameters are required. This task gives a general overview about editing a policy. The steps required to edit one policy are different to modify another policy.

Note: For more information about modifying policies, including explanations about configuring different policy types, see Accessing Policies.
  1. Expand the Enterprise.
  2. Select the policy level to modify.
    • For enterprise policies, expand Enterprise Policies.

    • For group policies, expand the Group Name and then expand Policies.

  3. Open the specific application or select Common.

    The policy list displays in the results windows.

    Figure 1. Modifying a Policy
  4. Go to a policy and double-click to open the editor window.

    For example, the "Console Timeout" policy:

    Figure 2. "Console Timeout" Policy Editor Window
  5. Specify changes appropriate for the policy, then click OK.