PolicyServer MMC Interface

The PolicyServer MMC interface contains the following panes:

Figure 1. PolicyServer MMC Interface
Table 1. PolicyServer MMC Interface Description



Left (1)

Use the left pane to view users, groups, policies, devices, and agents. Expand a node to manage nested items within the tree structure. Opening an item updates the content in the right pane.

Right (2)

Use the right pane to modify policies, update user and group information, view reports, and maintain other functions. The exact format of the information shown in the right pane depend from the left pane.

Within the left pane tree structure, there are a number of different nodes. The following table describes each node:

Table 2. PolicyServer MMC Tree Description



Enterprise Users

View all administrator and user accounts within the Enterprise. To see group affiliation, open the group and then click Users.

Enterprise Devices

View all instances of Endpoint Encryption agents and which Endpoint Encryption device they are connecting from. To see group affiliation, open the group and then click Devices.

Enterprise Policies

Control whether agents can connect to PolicyServer. Also, manage all enterprise policies. Group policies override enterprise policies.

Enterprise Log Events

View all log entries for the enterprise.

Enterprise Reports

Manage various reports and alerts. No group-only reports are available.

Enterprise Maintenance

Manage the PolicyServer MMC application plug-ins.

Recycle Bin

View deleted Endpoint Encryption users and devices.


Manage Endpoint Encryption users, devices, policies and log events for a collection of users.