Getting Started with PolicyServer MMC

The PolicyServer Microsoft Management Console plug-in (PolicyServer MMC) is the native management console for Endpoint Encryption policy, user, and device administration.

Flexibly manage Endpoint Encryption using only PolicyServer MMC or manage Endpoint Encryption using Control Manager for policy, user and device management and PolicyServer MMC for advanced log management and reporting.

Use PolicyServer MMC to centrally manage:

  • All Endpoint Encryption users, devices, and groups

  • All policies including encryption, password complexity and authentication

  • Remote device actions, including killing a device, erasing data, or delaying authentication

  • Event logs about authentication events, management events, device encryption status, and security violations

  • Remote Help password reset process

  • Auditing and reporting options

Before configuring PolicyServer MMC to manage PolicyServer, make sure to install and configure PolicyServer services and databases.


For information about installing and configuring PolicyServer MMC, see the Endpoint Encryption Installation Guide.

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