Killing a Device

Initiating a "kill" command deletes all Endpoint Encryption device data. The deleted data is different depending on the scope of data that the associated Endpoint Encryption agent manages. For example, initiating a "kill" command to a Full Disk Encryption device deletes all data from the endpoint, while initiating a "kill" command to a File Encryption device deletes all files and folders in local or removable storage protected by the File Encryption agent. The "kill" command is issued when the Endpoint Encryption agent communicates with PolicyServer.


Killing a device cannot be undone. Back up all the data before initiating a kill command.

  1. Open Enterprise Devices or expand a group and open Devices.

    All devices in the Enterprise or group appear in the right pane.

  2. In the right pane, right-click the device and select Kill Device.
  3. At the warning message, click Yes.
  4. At the confirmation message, click OK.