Getting a Software Token

Generating a "software token" creates a unique string that you can use to unlock Endpoint Encryption devices and to remotely help Endpoint Encryption users reset forgotten passwords.


The software token is only available in the full version of Full Disk Encryption, not Encryption Management for Apple FileVault or Encryption Management for Microsoft BitLocker.

For information about resetting passwords or unlocking a user account, see Remote Help Assistance.

  1. Open Enterprise Devices or expand a group and open Devices.

    All devices in the Enterprise or group appear in the right pane.

  2. Right-click the device and select Soft Token.

    The Software Token screen appears.

  3. Get the16-digit challenge code from the user, and type it into the Challenge field of the Software Token window.
  4. Click Get Response.

    The Response field loads with an 8-character string.

  5. Tell the user the 8-character string from the Response field.

    The Endpoint Encryption device is unlocked and the Endpoint Encryption user can log on to the device.