Deleting a Device from the Enterprise

Deleting any Endpoint Encryption device from the Enterprise also removes the device from all policy groups. The deleted Endpoint Encryption device continues functioning as long as connectivity and password policies are current on the device. However, Endpoint Encryption users cannot recover files if the Endpoint Encryption device has a critical hardware failure after it has been removed from the Enterprise. To mitigate this risk, immediately decrypt the Endpoint Encryption device and uninstall the Endpoint Encryption agent software.

For information about removing a device from a specific group, but not the Enterprise, see Removing a Device from a Group.

  1. Uninstall the Endpoint Encryption agent from the endpoint.

    For information about uninstalling Endpoint Encryption agents, see the Endpoint Encryption Installation and Migration Guide.

  2. Open Enterprise Devices.
  3. In the right pane, right-click the device and select Delete Device.
  4. At the warning message, click Yes to confirm.

    The Endpoint Encryption device is deleted from the Enterprise.


    For information about adding the Endpoint Encryption device back the Enterprise, see Restoring a Deleted Device.