Using the Log Server Tool

The Log Server Tool allows administrators to record all events related to Endpoint Encryption over a period of time to troubleshoot specific issues. The recorded logs are intended for use by Trend Micro Support, so Trend Micro does not recommend using the Log Server Tool on your own. If you have an issue, contact Trend Micro Support, and the support representative may request that you replicate your issue while using the Log Server Tool.

  1. Open the PolicyServer program folder.

    The default installation path is C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\PolicyServer.

  2. Run the file LogServer.exe as an administrator.

    A command prompt titled LogServer.exe appears. The Log Server Tool is running at this time.

    The Log Server Tool generates PolicyServer diagnostic logs. The logs appear as a file named psdedebug.log in a folder named log in the PolicyServer program folder.

  3. Perform all tasks necessary to replicate the issue that you contacted Trend Micro Support to address.
  4. Close the command prompt titled LogServer.exe.
  5. Send the file psdedebug.log to the support representative who requested that you use this tool.