Log Purge

The Enterprise Maintenance node in PolicyServer MMC allows you to purge inactive Endpoint Encryption users and devices, then view the purged user or device log events in a report. Additionally, you can set specific criteria to purge the log database at a specific time or on a schedule.

Purging the Log Database

  1. Log on to PolicyServer MMC.
  2. Expand the Enterprise, then go to Enterprise Maintenance.
  3. Click Purge Log Database.
  4. Select Enable scheduled purge.
  5. Configure the following options:
    Option Description
    Purge logs older than <X> days Specify the number of days to keep logs. Anything older than the specified number of days is purged.
    Interval type Select to purge the log database daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.
    Start date Select when to start the scheduled purge.
    Time Specify the time of day for the scheduled purge.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. At the confirmation message, click OK.

Anything meeting the purge criteria is deleted from the database.

Viewing the Log Database Purge Event


The log database purge only occurs once the schedule criteria has been met. If no data matches the search criteria, verify that the schedule is correctly set. For details, see Purging the Log Database.

  1. Log on to PolicyServer MMC.
  2. Click Enterprise Log Events.

    All current log events appear in the right pane.

  3. At the bottom of the page, click Filter.

    The Search Filter window appears.

  4. From the Message ID drop-down list, select 103104, Log data purged from Enterprise.
  5. Click Search.

    All log event matching the specified criteria appear.

  6. Double-click a log event.

    The Log Record window appears displaying all log data for the selected event.