Managing Log Events

Only messages within the last seven (7) days automatically display. Use the filter to view older log events. It is useful to search the logs using the message ID. For example, searching for the message ID "400008" displays all "Device Encryption Complete" messages. For information about message IDs, see PolicyServer Message IDs.

  1. Log on to PolicyServer MMC.
  2. Select a log event level:
    • For enterprise-level logs, expand Enterprise Log Events.

    • For group-level logs, go to Group Name > Log Events.

    The log window appears. All log events for the past seven (7) days automatically display.

  3. Double-click any log to view details.
  4. Click Filter to search the log file:
    1. Specify the search criteria.
    2. Select the date range.
    3. Click Search.
  5. Click Refresh to update log data.
  6. Click Previous or Next to navigate through log data.