You can customize alert criteria using predefined security levels to help categorize alerts. Send log events to individual or multiple email recipients by setting alerts at the enterprise or group.


For information about message IDs, see PolicyServer Message IDs.

Setting PolicyServer Alerts

  1. Log on to PolicyServer MMC.
  2. Select a log event level:
    • For enterprise-level logs, expand Enterprise Log Events.

    • For group-level logs, go to Group Name > Log Events.

    The log window appears. All log events for the past seven (7) days automatically display.

  3. Click Alerts.
  4. In the right pane whitespace, right-click and select Add.

    The Edit Alert window appears.

  5. Specify an Alert Name.
  6. Select the severity of logs that trigger alerts.
  7. Select the message IDs to trigger alerts.
  8. Specify one email address per line to send the alert notification.
  9. Select whether to send alerts based on the number of events in a set time.
  10. Click Done.