Supported Control Manager Versions

Endpoint Encryption supports the following Control Manager versions.

Table 1. Supported Control Manager versions

Endpoint Encryption version

Control Manager version



5.0 Patch 1

6.0 SP1

5.0 Patch 2

6.0 SP2, 6.0 SP3

5.0 Patch 3

6.0 SP2, 6.0 SP3

5.0 Patch 4

6.0 SP3


6.0 SP3 Patch 3, 7.0, 7.0 Patch 1

6.0 Patch 1

7.0 Patch 1

New features require the installation of Control Manager patch hfb3005 from the download center.

Apply the latest patches and critical hot fixes for these Control Manager versions to enable Control Manager to manage Endpoint Encryption. To obtain the latest patches and hot fixes, contact your support provider or visit the Trend Micro Download Center at:

After installing Endpoint Encryption, register it to Control Manager and then configure settings for Endpoint Encryption on the Control Manager management console. See the Control Manager documentation for information on managing Endpoint Encryption servers.