Upgrading Full Disk Encryption

Use the Full Disk Encryption installer to upgrade the agent from Full Disk Encryption 3.1.3 SP1 to Full Disk Encryption 6.0. For previous versions of Full Disk Encryption, see the associated documentation available at:


  1. Verify that your current version upgrades directly to 6.0.

    See Upgrade Paths.

    If your version does not directly upgrade to the latest version, contact Trend Micro support to assist you with your upgrade.

  2. Copy the installation package to the local hard drive.
  3. Run TMFDEInstall.exe.

    If the User Account Control windows displays, click Yes to allow the installer to make changes to the Endpoint Encryption device.

    The upgrade process begins.


    Do not shut down or restart the endpoint or put the endpoint to sleep, as these actions may interrupt the upgrade process. If upgrade is interrupted, at the next system start, you may be unable to access or log on the Full Disk Encryption preboot.

  4. When the upgrade completes, restart the endpoint.