Upgrade Summary of Operations

The following set of tasks are the recommended order for upgrading your environment.


To avoid having endpoints lose connection to PolicyServer, make sure to upgrade PolicyServer before upgrading the agents. The keys to access data encrypted on those endpoints may become inaccessible if you upgrade in the wrong order.

If an agent is unable to connect to PolicyServer after the upgrade, manually run the upgrade installer on the endpoint.

  1. Review the new system requirements.

    See System Requirements.

  2. Review the upgrade path for the currently installed PolicyServer and Endpoint Encryption agents.
  3. Make sure that Endpoint Encryption 6.0 supports the upgrade.

    See Supported Agent Versions.

  4. Upgrade PolicyServer.

    See Upgrading PolicyServer.

  5. Optionally install or upgrade Control Manager and configure as necessary.

    See Control Manager Integration.

  6. Optionally install or upgrade OfficeScan and configure as necessary.

    See the OfficeScan Plug-in Online Help.

  7. Upgrade Endpoint Encryption agents.

    See Upgrading Endpoint Encryption Agents.