Uninstalling PolicyServer

Uninstalling PolicyServer removes all Endpoint Encryption services. The Endpoint Encryption database is not affected by uninstalling PolicyServer.


Although uninstalling PolicyServer does not affect the Endpoint Encryption database, uninstalling PolicyServer removes all Endpoint Encryption services. Endpoint Encryption users are unable to log on to Endpoint Encryption devices until PolicyServer is reinstalled.

  1. Run PolicyServerInstaller.exe

    The PolicyServer Installer opens.

  2. At the Product Legal Notice screen, read the license agreement and accept the terms by clicking Accept.
  3. At the PolicyServer Services screen, click Uninstall at the left.

    The PolicyServer uninstallation begins.

  4. Wait for the PolicyServer uninstalling process to remove all services and database settings.
  5. Click Finished.
  6. Restart the server.
  7. Optionally, reinstall PolicyServer.

    See Installing PolicyServer.