Uninstalling Encryption Management for Apple FileVault

Uninstalling the Encryption Management for Apple FileVault agent requires access to the Mac OS X Terminal application.

For information about installing Encryption Management for Apple FileVault, see Encryption Management for Apple FileVault Installation.

To uninstall Endpoint Encryption agents, the user account must have local administrator rights.

  1. Go to Applications > Utilities and double-click Terminal.

    The Terminal window appears.

  2. For endpoints with hard drives not using APFS (Apple File System), perform the following:
    1. Type cd /Library/Application Support/TrendMicro/FDEMM
    2. Type sudo ./Uninstaller

      During automated uninstallations on Mac OS X Yosemite, the user must confirm that they want to restart the endpoint if the the device requires decryption before uninstallation. To automate this confirmation, users can append the parameter RebootWithoutConfirm.

      The following is an example command that automates restart confirmation:

      sudo ./Uninstaller RebootWithoutConfirm

  3. For endpoints running Mac OS High Sierra (10.13) with SSDs using APFS, perform the following:
    1. Type sudo /Library/Application\ Support/TrendMicro/FDEMM/Uninstaller
    2. Type the user name and password of the user currently logged on.
  4. The agent uninstalls in the background.
  5. Restart the endpoint to complete the uninstallation.