Deployment Considerations

This section explains the high-level considerations for installing the main Endpoint Encryption components.




PolicyServer is the main server software that manages Endpoint Encryption agents. This software includes a front-end server program and a backend SQL Server database.

When planning your PolicyServer installation, consider how many devices will be managed by PolicyServer and whether your environment requires server or database redundency. After installing PolicyServer, you can configure ActiveDirectory domain authentication and proxy communication.

Endpoint Encryption agents

In the client-server model, "agents" are the client software installed on computers and devices that communicate with PolicyServer. For information about the available agents, see Endpoint Encryption Agent Deployment.

When planning agent deployment, consider whether you will install agents on individual endpoints or whether you will install them remotely. If your environment is protected by Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™, you can install Full Disk Encryption agents using OfficeScan through the Endpoint Encryption Deployment Tool Plug-in.

Management console

The management console determines the encryption, authentication, and configuration policies for the Endpoint Encryption agents. The main decision you will need to make when planning your installation is what primary management console you will use. You can manage PolicyServer on either of the following consoles:

  • Control Manager: This is the central management console for Trend Micro products. Trend Micro recommends using Control Manager to manage Endpoint Encryption, but using Control Manager is optional.

  • PolicyServer MMC: This console performs advanced operations for Endpoint Encryption. If preferred, PolicyServer MMC can perform user, device, and policy management.


In environments that use Control Manager, changes to PolicyServer policies are always controlled by Control Manager. Any changes made using PolicyServer MMC are overwritten the next time that Control Manager synchronizes policies to the PolicyServer database.