End User Communication

Trend Micro recommends that the executive sponsor of the data protection project send a message to the end users communicating the importance of the project to the company and the benefits to the users. The following is a high-level communication strategy to promote adoption of Endpoint Encryption and ease the transition into your enterprise's new security practices.


Communication Tasks

One month before rollout

  • Have the executive sponsor outline why new encryption is being introduced and how complying with the new processes benefits the end user as well as the company.

  • Provide a roll-out schedule to the users, including what to expect from the new product and how the users can get technical support.

One week before rollout

  • Reiterate what changes are coming and what to expect on the day new authentication procedures are required on their endpoints.

  • Include screen captures and detailed instructions on user name or password conventions, and other internal support services.

One day before rollout

  • Reinforce the timing of the roll-out schedule and what to expect.

  • Distribute cheat-sheets, installation information, and any on-site contacts who will be available to assist users the next day.

The day of rollout

  • Announce system maintenance start and expected length of down time, if any.

After rollout

  • Reiterate contact information for help desk personnel who can assist users.

  • Provide tools for troubleshooting assistance.