Adding PolicyServer as a Managed Product to Control Manager

To use Control Manager to manage PolicyServer, you must add PolicyServer as a managed product.

To perform additional Control Manager configuration, see the Endpoint Encryption Administrator's Guide.

  1. Log on to Control Manager.
  2. Go to Administration > Managed Servers.

    The Managed Servers screen appears.

  3. In the Server Type drop-down list, select Endpoint Encryption.
  4. Click Add.

    The Add Server screen appears.

  5. Specify Server Information options.
    • Server: Specify the PolicyServer host name and the port number. Use the following format:



      Control Manager communicates with PolicyServer Endpoint Encryption Service. The default port number is 8080.

    • Display name: Specify the name for PolicyServer shown in the Managed Servers screen.

  6. Under Authentication, specify the user name and password of the Endpoint Encryption Enterprise Administrator account and the Enterprise specified during PolicyServer installation.
  7. Under Connection, select Use a proxy server for the connection if PolicyServer requires a proxy connection.
  8. Click Save.

    Synchronization between Control Manager and PolicyServer may require several minutes to complete.

    PolicyServer is added as a new managed product to Control Manager.