Control Manager Integration Overview

Administrators may manage Endpoint Encryption using only PolicyServer MMC or manage Endpoint Encryption using Control Manager for policy, user and device management and PolicyServer MMC for advanced log management and reporting.

Migration to Control Manager is not automated. The following procedure explains manually configuring Control Manager to match the existing configuration.

  1. Upgrade PolicyServer to version 6.0.

    See Upgrading PolicyServer.

  2. Install and configure a supported version of Control Manager.

    To verify which version of Control Manager to install, see Supported Control Manager Versions.

    For Control Manager installation instructions, see the supporting documentation:

  3. Add PolicyServer to Control Manager.

    See Adding PolicyServer as a Managed Product to Control Manager.

  4. Add all existing users to Control Manager using the Endpoint Encryption Users widget.

    See Endpoint Encryption Users in the Endpoint Encryption Administrator's Guide.

  5. For each group that currently exists, create a new policy in Control Manager.

    See Creating a Policy in the Endpoint Encryption Administrator's Guide.

  6. In each new policy, specify a policy target for every device that was assigned to the previous group.

    See Specifying Policy Targets in the Endpoint Encryption Administrator's Guide.

  7. Use Control Manager to deploy policies.