Creating Agent Installation Scripts

Full Disk Encryption and File Encryption are compliant with automated software distribution tools, such as SMS, SCCM, Tivoli, GPO, and LANDesk. Use the Command Builder to generate scripts used to install PolicyServer and Endpoint Encryption agents.

If you intend to use the Command Builder, ensure that your environment meets the agent installation prerequisites, including the automated deployment requirements. See Agent Installation Prerequisites.

Creating Agent Installation Scripts

The following information is required to generate a silent install script: PolicyServer host name or IP address, the Enterprise name, user name, password, and the path and version number of the endpoint client installer. The Command Builder is available in the Tools folder of the installation directory.


To run this tool, verify that PolicyServer or an Endpoint Encryption agent is installed on the same endpoint.

  1. Download the Command Builder tool and locate the tool in your Endpoint Encryption download folder.

    The Command Builder tool is part of the PolicyServer installation package. Go to Trend Micro Download Center, select the Endpoint Encryption, and download the PolicyServer package.

    The Command Builder tool is located in the following directory:

    <download_directory>\TMEE_PolicyServer\Tools\Command Line Helper

  2. Run CommandBuilder.exe from an endpoint with PolicyServer installed.

    The Command Builder screen appears.

  3. Specify the following:
    Option Description


    Specify the PolicyServer IP address, host name, or FQDN and include the port number assigned to that configuration.

    Enterprise Name

    Specify the Enterprise. Only one Enterprise is supported.

    User name

    Specify the user name of an account with permission to add devices to the Enterprise.


    Specify the password for the user name.

  4. In Encryption Options, select which values to encrypt.

    Items selected in Encryption Options are replaced with encrypted values in the generated command.

  5. In FDE Options, specify if the generated command should include the following :
    • SkipPreCheck: Full Disk Encryption does not perform the pre-installation check.

    • ForceSoftware: Full Disk Encryption uses software encryption instead of hardware encryption.

  6. Specify the path to the installation files.
  7. Click Generate Command.

    The script generates.

  8. Click the appropriate button to copy the command.

    The resulting script is copied to the clipboard.

  9. Paste the command into the installation script.