Automated Deployments

Endpoint Encryption allows users to deploy agents in the following ways:

Deployment Method



Run the agent installation program and configure PolicyServer settings manually on each endpoint. This option is prefered for test installations and endpoints that have individual hardware specifications.


Use an installation script to install and configure the agent automatically on one endpoint or on many endpoints at once (mass deployment). This option is prefered for environments that include many similar endpoints such as large enterprises.


Insufficient system setup or hard disk drive preparation may result in irreversible data loss. Verify that you have completed all relevant prerequisites before continuing. See Agent Installation Prerequisites.


Deploy Full Disk Encryption agents to endpoints that already have OfficeScan agents through the Endpoint Encryption Deployment Tool plug-in. For information about using the plug-in, see the OfficeScan Plug-in Online Help.

To assist with creating scripts for automated deployments, Endpoint Encryption includes the following tools:



Command Builder

The Command Builder generates complete installation command scripts for Full Disk Encryption, File Encryption, and Encryption Managemement for Microsoft BitLocker based on PolicyServer, Enterprise, and authentication values.


The Command Builder is a larger tool that encompasses the functionality of the Command Line Helper. If you intend to use the Command Builder, you do not need to use the Command Line Helper.

Command Line Helper

The Command Line Helper is a command line utility that generates individual encrypted strings to use for installation, upgrade, or patch scripts.