Agent Installation Prerequisites

Before installing the Endpoint Encryption agents, consult the following table for specific agent installation requirements.




  1. Each endpoint meets the minimum system requirements to install the intended agents. See System Requirements.

  2. The boot drive of each endpoint has an unmodified MBR boot sector.

    For example, endpoints with multiple operating systems that include modified boot sectors are not supported.

  3. Each endpoint has network access and can communicate with PolicyServer during installation.

  4. The relevant agent installation packages are stored on each endpoint.


  1. PolicyServer is installed or upgraded to version 6.0. See PolicyServer Installation.

  2. For environments using PolicyServer MMC, there is at least one top-level group configured.

  3. For environments using Control Manager, there is at least one policy configured.


  1. The Endpoint Encryption user account has permission to add devices to the group or policy. Enterprise administrator and authenticator accounts have device installation privileges. To give installation privileges to other user accounts, see Allowing a User to Install Agents in a Group.

  2. The installing Windows account has Local Administrator privileges. For automated deployments, the installing account for each endpoint must have Local Administrator privileges as well.

  3. If domain authentication/Single Sign-on is enabled, the user name matches the user name in Active Directory. The Active Directory password is used for authentication

Automated deployments

  1. An automated software distribution tool is installed, such as SMS, SCCM, Tivoli, GPO, or LANDesk.

  2. Direct access to the endpoint hard drive is available for script deployment. Do not run Endpoint Encryption deployment scripts from USB devices or from shared network drives.

  3. You have installation scripts for each agent. For help making installation scripts, use Command Builder and Command Line Helper. See Automated Deployments.

OfficeScan deployments

  • For environments using OfficeScan, the environment is ready for agent deployment through OfficeScan Plug-in Manager. For more information, see the OfficeScan Plug-in Online Help.