PolicyServer MMC Issues

The following are the PolicyServer MMC issues and limitations:

  1. If a domain user has the Enterprise Administrator or Enterprise Authenticator role, no event log is created when Active Directory synchronization is unsuccessful.

  2. PolicyServer MMC is unable to display information for multiple enterprises. PolicyServer is only able to display the first enterprise entered into PolicyServer MMC.

  3. Permission issues may prevent PolicyServer from upgrading directly to 6.0. To prevent this issue, grant "db_ddladmin" permission to the database user account of PolicyServer before upgrading to 6.0, or upgrade PolicyServer to first before upgrading to 6.0.

  4. During preboot, Full Disk Encryption generates message id "10029" (successfully fixed password login) if a user is authenticated by domain password. To distinguish between fixed password authentication and domain authentication, Full Disk Encryption assigns message id "100057" for domain authentication.

  5. The Endpoint Encryption 5.0 MMC console is unable to correctly display new policies added in Endpoint Encryption 6.0. To avoid this issue, upgrade the Endpoint Encryption MMC from 5.0 to 6.0 after PolicyServer is upgraded.

  6. The time filter function in log events displays incorrect results if the Endpoint Encryption 6.0 MMC connects to a 6.0 beta version of PolicyServer. To solve this issue, upgrade both the PolicyServer and the Endpoint Encryption MMC to the 6.0 release version.

  7. Control Manager and the Endpoint Encryption MMC displays the incorrect encryption status of a device after it is migrated to a New Enterprise before the device is rebooted. Control Manager and the Endpoint Encryption MMC should display the correct encryption status after the device is rebooted.

  8. The Log Integrity Alert report may show log events from the PolicyServer 6.0 beta version as "log integrity compromised" events. Log events from the PolicyServer 5.0 or 6.0 versions should be reported correctly.