Endpoint Encryption Deployment Tool Plug-in Issues

The following are the Endpoint Encryption Deployment Tool plug-in issues and limitations:

  1. If the OfficeScan administrator tries to deploy server settings to PolicyServer using an Endpoint Encryption user account, an error message returns that the connection was unsuccessful.

  2. Plug-in Manager does not display an error message when installing the Endpoint Encryption Deployment Tool Plug-in on a server that does not meet the minimum system requirement of 1 GB free hard disk space.

  3. The Endpoint Encryption device may still appear in Plug-in Manager even after the Endpoint Encryption agent has been uninstalled. Agents will disappear the next time that PolicyServer synchronizes with OfficeScan and the Plug-In Manager screen refreshes.

  4. Endpoint Encryption users with a one-time password (OTP) are only allowed to deploy agents using the Endpoint Encryption Deployment Tool Plug-in once. All future deployments are unsuccessful. After the first deployment, the user must set a fixed password before performing deployment again.

  5. When the uninstall command is deployed from OfficeScan to Full Disk Encryption devices, the message "Successful agent uninstallation request" appears before uninstallation has completed. Endpoint Encryption decrypts the endpoint before completing uninstallation.