Restore Boot

The Restore Boot option restores the original boot on the system disk of an Endpoint Encryption device when the device is fully decrypted. Restore Boot is only available from the Full Disk Encryption preboot.

Decrypt the disk before restoring the Master Boot Record (MBR).


Read all instructions first before using Decrypt Disk. Data loss may occur if performed incorrectly.

  1. Log on to Recovery Console.

    See Accessing the Recovery Console from Full Disk Encryption Preboot.

    Recovery Console opens to the Manage Disks page.

  2. Click Summary, and then click Decrypt All.
  3. Wait for the disk to complete decryption.
  4. After decryption, select a data disk and click Detach.

    Repeat this procedure for all data disk in the endpoint. Only the system disk should remain.

    Restore Boot Partition becomes available after all data disk have been detached from the endpoint.


    If the system disk is a SED disk, the Recovery Console displays Unlock SED instead.

  5. Click Restore Boot Partition.

    A Replace MBR confirmation window appears.

  6. Click Yes to replace the MBR.

    A message confirming the MBR replacement displays.

  7. Click Exit.

    The Endpoint Encryption device boots into Windows.