Migrating Full Disk Encryption to a New Enterprise

One PolicyServer instance may have multiple Enterprise configurations that each represent a business unit or department. Moving to a new Enterprise removes the Endpoint Encryption device from the old Enterprise and adds the Endpoint Encryption device to the new Enterprise within the same PolicyServer instance. The Full Disk Encryption agent may need to move to a new Enterprise when the employee moves to a different department or office location.


Changing the Enterprise requires configuring policies again, recreating groups, and deletes all cached passwords, password history, and audit logs.

  1. Click Network Setup.
  2. Select the PolicyServer tab.
  3. Click Change Enterprise.

    The Change Enterprise screen appears.

    Figure 1. Recovery Console Change Enterprise
  4. Configure the following options:
    Option Description

    New Server User

    Specify a Group Administrator account user name, or user name of account with permission to install to the group in the new PolicyServer.

    New User Password

    Specify the password for the Enterprise Administrator account.

    New Server Address

    Specify the new PolicyServer IP address or host name.

    New Enterprise

    Specify the new PolicyServer Enterprise.

  5. Click Save.

    Full Disk Encryption validates the new PolicyServer information.

  6. At the confirmation message, click OK.

Restart the Full Disk Encryption agent to update the encryption status displayed in PolicyServer MMC and Control Manager.