Encrypt Disks

Use the Recovery Console to initialize the encryption of new unencrypted disks.


This process requires a working connection to PolicyServer.

  1. Power off the endpoint and attach the new disk.
  2. Boot into Windows.

    Windows detects and installs drivers for the new disk.

  3. Start the Recovery Console from Windows.

    For details, see Accessing Recovery Console from Windows.

  4. Log on to Recovery Console.
  5. On the Manage Disks screen, click Summary to review which disks to encrypt.

    Full Disk Encryption shows unencrypted disks as Unmanaged disks.

  6. Select the disk that needs to be provisioned, and click Encrypt Disk.

    A notification appears informing the user that the disk has been successfully provisioned for encryption.

  7. (Optional) For devices with multiple disks, repeat the previous step to provision additional disks for encryption.
  8. Restart the endpoint to begin encryption.
  9. After restarting, click the Full Disk Encryption icon on the system tray and use the Encryption Status tab to monitor the progress of the encryption.