Network Information

View network and connection information from the Full Disk Encryption preboot by going to Menu > Computer > Network Information.

The Network Information screen includes the following:



Hardware Information

This section shows detected Ethernet controllers and Wi-Fi cards.

Network Information

This section shows the network identification information for each Ethernet port, including the following:

  • MAC address

  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

  • Subnet mask

  • Default gateway

  • Network link status, which shows whether the Ethernet port is connected or not

DNS Resolution

This section shows the DNS resolution results including the servers and addresses contacted while looking up PolicyServer.

PolicyServer Information

This section shows the PolicyServer URL. If the URL includes the server host name, PolicyServer must also perform host name resolution to find the associated IP address. If the URL instead includes the IP address of PolicyServer, the Full Disk Encryption preboot skips host name resolution.

PolicyServer Connection Status

This section shows whether the Full Disk Encryption preboot successfully connected to PolicyServer or not.

Click Reconnect to attempt to connect to PolicyServer again, or to refresh the current information.