Registering File Encryption

After File Encryption is installed, an initial registration is required to identify PolicyServer. The fixed password authentication method is the default method and is required for initial registration. Other options may be available depending on policy settings.


Without authenticating to File Encryption, access to files and removable media is denied.

  1. The Login window appears the next time your endpoint starts after File Encryption installation. If you need to access the Login screen at a later time, right-click the File Encryption tray icon, and then select Register.
  2. Specify the Endpoint Encryption user name and password.
  3. Specify the PolicyServer IP address (or host name) and the Enterprise.
  4. Click OK.

    The Change Password screen appears.

  5. Select any available authentication method.

    For more information about authentication methods, see File Encryption Authentication.

  6. Specify and confirm the new password.
  7. Click OK.

    The new password is updated and a confirmation message appears.