File Encryption Context Menu

Use the File Encryption icon () in the system tray to access to the File Encryption agent. Right-click the agent icon to display the menu items. The following table explains the available menu options.

Table 1. File Encryption Agent Menu Options

Menu Item



First-time user registration of File Encryption with the PolicyServer. For more information, see Registering File Encryption.

This option only appears if you have not completed File Encryption registration.

Log In / Log Out

Authenticate with PolicyServer.

Change Password

Permits users to change their password and their authentication method. For more information, see Changing Password in File Encryption.

Remote Help

Unlock File Encryption using Remote Help to authenticate if the user forgets the Endpoint Encryption password, there were too many unsuccessful authentication attempts, or the Endpoint Encryption device has not communicated with the PolicyServer for a specified duration. For more information, see Using Remote Help to Unlock a File Encryption Device.

This option is only available if the File Encryption agent is locked. For more information about locked accounts, see Forced Password Reset.

Synchronize Policies

Manually download policy updates from PolicyServer.


File Encryption agents can synchronize policies without user authentication.

File Encryption agents automatically update policy settings based on your PolicyServer configurations. For more information, see Policy Synchronization.

Synchronize Offline Files

Synchronizing with PolicyServer offline files enforces new security policies using an import file instead of communicating directly with PolicyServer.

Show / Hide Notifications

Silences all File Encryption notifications.

Hide Icon

Temporarily removes the File Encryption tray icon.

To show the File Encryption tray icon again, run File Encryption from your desktop or Start menu.

About File Encryption

Displays File Encryption information including version, last synchronization time, and authenticated user.

You can change the PolicyServer that synchronizes policies with your File Encryption agent from the About File Encryption window. To change your PolicyServer, click Edit PolicyServer.

Online Help

View the File Encryption documentation online.