Managing the Agent Tree

The OfficeScan Agent Tree

The OfficeScan agent tree displays all the agents grouped into domains that the server currently manages. Agents are grouped into domains so you can simultaneously configure, manage, and apply the same configuration to all domain members.

Agent Tree Specific Tasks

The agent tree displays when you access certain screens on the web console. Above the agent tree are menu items specific to the screen you have accessed. These menu items allow you to perform specific tasks, such as configuring agent settings or initiating agent tasks. To perform any of the tasks, first select the task target and then select a menu item.

The agent tree provides access to the following functions:

  • Search for endpoints: Locate specific endpoints by typing search criteria in the text box.

  • Synchronize with OfficeScan: Synchronize the plug-in program’s agent tree with the OfficeScan server’s agent tree. For details, see Synchronizing the Agent Tree.

  • Deploy Server Settings: Displays the Deploy Server Settings screen. For details, see Deploying Server Settings.

Synchronizing the Agent Tree

Before the plug-in program can deploy settings to agents, administrators need to synchronize the agent tree with the OfficeScan server.

  1. Open the plug-in console.
  2. On the Client Management screen, click Synchronize with OfficeScan.

    A confirmation message screen appears.

  3. Allow a few moments for the synchronization to complete.
  4. Click Close to return to the Client Management screen.

Deploying Server Settings

Configure and deploy the PolicyServer settings to ensure communication between the agents and PolicyServer.

  1. Open the plug-in program console.
  2. Click the PolicyServer Settings tab.
  3. Specify the following details:
    Option Description
    Server name Specify the PolicyServer IP address or host name.
    Port Specify the port number assigned to the PolicyServer instance.
    Enterprise Specify the PolicyServer Enterprise. Only one Enterprise is supported.
    User name Specify the Enterprise Administrator user name.
    Password Specify the Enterprise Administrator password.
  4. Click Save.

    A confirmation message appears. Allow some time to establish a server connection.