Recovery Console Options

Console Menu


Back to Login

Exit Recovery Console and return to the login screen.

Decrypt Disk

Remove encryption from the disk. Decrypt the disk before uninstalling the Full Disk Encryption agent.

Mount Partitions

Provide access to the encrypted partitions for file management. View encrypted files or copy files to an external device.


This option is only available for disks using software encryption. This option is unavailable if the disk is a SED.

Restore Boot

Roll back the MBR to a state before Full Disk Encryption installation.

Note: This option is only available for disks that previously used software encryption and are now decrypted. This option is unavailable if the disk is a SED or if the disk is encrypted.

Manage Users

Add or remove users from the device when not connected to PolicyServer.

Manage Policies

Modify policies for devices that are either not managed by PolicyServer or are managed but are temporarily not connected to PolicyServer. If the device is managed, policy changes are overwritten the next time that the device communicates with PolicyServer.

View Logs

View and search the various Full Disk Encryption logs.

Note: Logs are available only when the Recovery Console is accessed from Windows.


Clicking Network opens two screen options:

  • Setup: Configure your Internet connection settings, including whether you use a static or dynamic IP address, your PolicyServer address, and your Wi-Fi settings.

  • Troubleshooting: View your DHCP logs and run trace route commands.


Exit the Recovery Console.